Friday, 5 September 2008

How to make a felt strawberry

This is my very first blog by the way.

My little girl had seen some really cute felt cakes on the web and wanted me to make her some so she could play 'cake shop' with her friends.

After searching the internet for hours looking for patterns to make felt cakes and toppings I found vertually nothing. All I found is people similar to myself looking for free patterns with instructions for felt food.

I then decided to make my own patterns with instructions and offer them FREE to all. As it is my first blog I have started with a very simple felt strawberry which is very cute, and can be made very quickly. I will of course add more FREE felt cakes and topping patterns to this page as I get used to 'blogging'.

Please keep in touch.



Supplies needed

Red Felt

Green Felt
Red thread (this can be normal sewing thread or embroidery thread)
Green thread (this can be normal sewing thread or embroidery thread)
Small yellow seed beads

Toy Stuffing or Wadding (Toy stuffing can be purchased in craft shops/wadding is old by the metre in most craft/fabric shops)

Step One

Draw a circle on some card approx 10cm in diameter.

Then cut the circle into quarters (4 slices) - one slice will become your strawberry template, you can make your strawberries as big or as small as you like by increasing or decreasing the size of your circle.

Step Two

Plate your pattern on the red felt fabric and cut (1). Fold the fabric in half to make a cone and oversew the edges together with matching thread (I have sewn this one in a dark thread just to show you).

Leave your needle threaded so you can gather the top up after stuffing the strawberry.

Step Three

Stuff your strawberry esuring that the stuffing goes right to the tip. The sew gathering stitches around the top with the already threaded needle. Pull in the thread to gather the top up and stitch the small hole up, then finish off and trim.

Step Four

Cut 3 or 4 leaves in green felt (as shown) and sew to top of strawberry with matching thread. Then sew on a few yellow seed beads to make it look more realistic and VOILA your very own felt strawberry.

You could make a punnet of them, they are ideal for kids role play or you could sew on a ribbon hanger and hang them on the kids wardrobe doors. You could add a little name tag and use them as a name card for your wedding or party.

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